Green Roof Garden Growing Media

Over 200 green roof projects covering well over two million square feet have healthy plants growing in Stalite Green Roof Media. Since 1992 Stalite-PermaTill has been supplying the green-roof industry with the most specified and successful green roof growing media in the United States. Included is some of the most prestigious award winning green roofs in America.  High profile projects include: Ford Motor Company, the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Atlanta City Hall, Nashville Public Square, Lowes Corporate Headquarters, in Charlotte NC, High Tech Center, Farrington, WV, ASLA Headquarters and the Asian Trail at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. University green roofs include University of Virginia, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, MIT, NC State University and Universities of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Asheville.

The long term results are proof … a seventeen year track record assure peace of mind.

Stalite PermaTill® Expanded Slate Features and Benefits
  • Porous for additional storage and retention capacity to reduce runoff and water needs
  • CEC 26.9 me/100g increases filtration and nutrient retention; also reduces organic needs in media
  • High permeability with moisture retention for consistent hydro-conductivity
  • Deep aeration for roots and beneficial microbes
  • Meets FLL Guidelines
  • Available in bulk or super sacks , can be blown into place
  • Qualifies for LEED® Pre-Consumer Recycled Product
  • Won’t clog filter fabrics