Residential and Speciality Products 

 Soil enhancement: Amending soils with PermaTill will allow root systems to establish deeper in the soil and reduce water needs of plants and save you money.
Vole Barrier: If you have problems with voles the PermaTill - VoleBloc Barrier will protect the roots of plants without toxic chemicals or repellants that have to be reapplied on a regular basis.
Container plants: indoors or out grow larger and healthier in potting media amended with PermaTill.

Water garden enthusiasts use PermaTill to pot their aquatic plants and as a filter media. Porous PermaTill particles increase filter performance, resist algae growth and does not decompose. It can be rinsed and reused.

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Decorative mulch. PermaTill is lightweight and will not compact soil surfaces. It will not deteriorate or blow away. PermaTill mulch will reduce the spread of soil borne diseases that splash up from soils or organic mulches. PermaTill is also a non-toxic slug deterrant.