“It is not very often a product comes along that is so simple yet so effective in the garden. PermaTill is just such a product. By physically preventing soil from binding, it keeps the garden in a constant state of readiness for plantings. And since it is essentially crushed kiln-fired expanded slate, it won’t wear out. Simple. Effective. Permanent. That’s PermaTill.”
L.A. Jackson, Garden Writer, Editor
Carolina Gardener Magazine

“We have used PermaTill since the 1980’s and have always found it to be a valuable amendment. PermaTill is superb when used along with compost to provide additional aeration in heavy clay soils. We have also found it valuable as mulch around rock garden plants which are sensitive to splashing soil. I cannot imagine gardening without a good supply of PermaTill.”
Tony Avent
Plant Delights Nursery at Juniper Level Botanical Garden

“For more than 8 years we have used PermaTill at Witherspoon Rose Culture. Obviously the vole blocking action is very important to us as gardeners. However, we also like the wonderful way that PermaTill works with the clay soils in our area. It breaks up the soil initially and continues to inhibit compaction as the rose garden matures. In addition, it aids with moisture retention. These two features help promote early root growth and healthy rose bushes.”
Dwayne Jacobs, Operations Manager
Witherspoon Rose Culture ; a division of Witherspoon Pike Enterprises, Inc.

“I cannot say enough good things about PermaTill, also sold in small bags as VoleBloc, and in massive amounts for use as a 50 percent base for planting roof gardens, and as an additive in making concrete. I am using a soilless mix of PermaTill and builder’s sand to grow hardy Sempervivums. This material is perfect for growing alpines and the like in tubs because it eliminates rot.”
Submitted by member of Rhipsalis
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