Water Treatment

Northern Guilford High School
In 2007 the Guilford County School System installed a living wetland at Northern Guilford High School to clean and reuse the school’s waste water.

Chatham Central High School
The original sand filter system was out of compliance and Chatham County was fined annually. Renovation with Stalite media by Integrated Water Strategies brought the system into compliance. This attractive and low maintenance system treats wastewater and stormwater.

Chatham Downs Shopping Center
This system was designed to service the shopping center which features a large grocery and hardware store as well as coffee and specialty retail stores.

Jordan Lake Business Park
The first water reclamation and reuse project in North Carolina. Constructed in 1996.

Henderson Greenhouse, Furman University
Henderson greenhouse was completed in 2009 and features solar aquatic wastewater treatment with Stalite filtration media. The treated water is re-used in the greenhouse and also in the Intro Biology lab buildings for flushing toilets. This facility is expected to receive LEED certification from the U.s. Green Building Council.

Renaissance Shopping Center
Located north of Greensboro in Reidsville NC, this system receives and treats stormwater and wastewater from the shopping center.

Buckland Elementary School, Gates County NC
Combination vertical flow - horizontal flow constructed wetland system was installed in 1992 and evaluated for four years for treatment effectiveness. Testing showed the vertical flow cells provided an aerobic environment that resulted in near complete nitrification of influent NH4-N. The horizontal flow lowered NH4-N concentrations. The system substantially lowered TP and over 4 years TSS removal increased to 96%. This reclamation system continues to treat sewage from the elementary school.

2nd Annual Water and Wastewater Reuse Workshop
In this specialty workshop, community leaders, health officials, designers, developers, builders, business leaders, and decision makers will learn how to select decentralized water and wastewater reuse options and understand their management requirements. This workshop includes a full day of field site visits in Greensboro and surrounding areas with national, international, and North Carolina experts sharing their knowledge and insights on reuse.